Saturday, February 11, 2012

Upcoming Spring Events

Garage Party March 16th, 6pm. Don't Miss It Ladies !

Mens Night March 30th, 6pm.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kev out for a ride!

 My buddy Kevin went out to meet a few of his buddies in Kelowna and got caught in the snow.


The rumors are true!

Here is the new Sportster 72 with a 60s influence!    
And the Softail slim bobber with a early 50s look!

Rumours From The Web

Some good info that has popped up on the web recently.

 “The first one would be called the Sportster Seventy Two - either a 883 or 1200 cc – It would take inspiration from the 70′s choppers with mild ape hangers, forward controls, lots of chrome and metallic paint. The second model would be a new Softail called Softail Slim, a “true” Bobber based on the Fat Boy platform. flat black paint, old school details all over, wheels with black painted spokes, cat-eye style gas tank dash, half-moon floorboards, hollywood style handlebars. Both models would be officially announced beginning of 2nd week of February. To follow…” Cyril Huze Blog

Now remember, this is the rumour mill………………………………….