Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LA to Vegas (Nov 2010)

 Pete, Michael and I flew into Los Angeles in early Nov 2010. John ( Smokey) from Eagle Rider  picked us up at the  airport and took us for a drink to the infamous Wild Goose (google it) then to our hotel.  The next day Eagle Riders sent a driver to grab us and take us to their LA office.  We all got set up with our bikes, Mike a 2010 Street Glide, Pete an 09 Electra Glide Classic and me an 08 Ultra Classic. We loaded the bikes up, got directions and off we went. If you have ever driven around LA it can be be a bit crazy, there is freeways going off in every direction.  Pete was going to be the guide, with our directions written on a small piece of paper which he would try to pull out at various times. We had rode about 3 hours and our fuel was getting low, so we pulled into Redman California. We ate and fuelled up and proceeded to get lost in the suburbs. By doing this we ended up taking the wrong entrance onto the freeway and rode an hour the wrong direction. After noticing Vegas was not on the road signs we pulled over and got everything back on the track. The next fuel stop was about an hour outside of Vegas, the sun was starting to go down and it was getting f__ckin cold. We put on every piece of warm clothing we had for the final shot.  Seeing Vegas from a distance at night is pretty sweet. We pulled into the MGM at about 7pm, unloaded our bikes and went and checked in. Somehow a bottle of grey Goose and Red Bull was in the bikes ( US gas stations are so convenient ). In the  morning we took the bikes back to Eagle Rider Vegas and  spent the following  3 days doing absolutely nothing...……I think!

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Follow" On The Blacktop With Cam!

I decided I will be doing some giveaways to people that join up to "follow" my blog. Just below the "On The Blacktop" banner on the left side you will see the list of followers, click on the "follow" button to sign up. When we reach 50 I will draw 3 lucky recipients. The more "followers that join, the better the prizes will be. So join now!! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Brandon now owns "Trust Me" Street Bob!

Heres Brandon taking ownership of the "Trust Me" Street Bob. This bike has a limited edition paint set (#16-200).  He left the shop early saturday afternoon to go out ridin with his buddy's.

Bomber Bike.

This bike was participating in our local HOG chapters poker run. We get some unique bikes coming through here so I will put them up here.

Go Canucks Go!

Derek bolted this hockey stick on to his bike so he could fly the Canucks flag when he went for a ride before the game on saturday..